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Interviews Here are some conversation that we had with few of our valued
customers who expressed their experience with outsourcing

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Indus Net Technologies (Hire-a-Designer.com is an Indus Net Technologies brand) has been selected as the #1 IT SME (Small and Medium sized Enterprise) in India 2008 by Duns & Bradstreet in a glittering Award Ceremony in Mumbai on 30th September 2008.

Indus Net Technologies has also been prominently placed among the Emerging SMEs of India publication, which was unveiled on the same day.

We would like to thank our 5000+ clients who put in their trust in us (even though 90% of them have never met us) and the team which delivered and fulfilled every promise that Indus Net Technologies made.

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Mr. Perry Mayer, Managing Director - Pub & Bar Network Limited

Why did you choose to outsource your project to an offshore company?

PM: I've learned a lot in my eight years as an Internet Entrepreneur not least the negative and positive effects of good and bad developers.

My first developer did nothing in 3 months then stole my domain name; the second did a fair job for about 5 years and then gave me a month notice to find someone else as he was retiring.

How did you researched and contracted your outsourcing partner?

PM: In researching for a third I came across a lack of professionalism, arrogance and over-priced bids to carry on our work where our previous developer left off. I knew I wanted to outsource so I would not have to deal with some of the human resource, tax, emotional and cost issues that can come with employees.

My goal therefore was to find a company:

  • That I was comfortable with and could trust.
  • That could provide me with continual services in the event of programmers leaving or retiring.
  • With the expertise and experience at the right price.
  • I wanted to maintain control and be hands on as much possible.

I short-listed Indusnet because I read a blog written by their CEO Abhishek Rungta in which he wrote about how he was trying to help his local community in India, for me that helped with the trust issue. With regard expertise and experience I asked for references and they gave me five to speak to and more if I wanted them. I spoke to all five and they confirmed that Indusnet were capable of taking on my project. As for feeling comfortable with them, although they offered to meet me in the UK, I wanted to meet them and see their facilities for myself. I flew out to Kolkata in June of 2007, made my presentation and before I left 5 days later I had the company I was looking for at the right price.

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Mr. David Armstrong, Managing Director - Action Computer Support Limited

Why did you choose to outsource your project to an offshore company?

DA: Well we don't have the skill sets in house. I wanted access to a range of skills available when I needed them. There is also the cost, but this is not actually the primary reason for us outsourcing projects now.

How did you researched and contracted your outsourcing partner?

DA: I did a lot of Googling and I actually found Indus Net Technologies entirely by chance on a web forum where someone was expressing a negative opinion of them because he wasn't happy with some work they had done for him!

The CEO, Abhishek Rungta, eventually posted on the forum himself, put things right, and pacified the previously irate customer. I was impressed by the honesty he showed. In the real world things do go wrong, and it seems obvious to me that how you deal with these issues is vital.

If Indus Net had washed their hands of responsibility in this case and walked away I wouldn't have done business with them, but they didn't and that showed great honesty and integrity

How outsourcing benefited your business?

DA: We can now offer to build websites, which we could not do before.

In your opinion, what a business should outsource and what shall they keep in-house?

DA: The easy answer is projects, for which they do not have in-house resources, but in fact I believe a business can outsource everything they are feeling comfortable about outsourcing, I don't see that there are any obvious limits.

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Mr. Aadarsh Agarwal, Founder - Induna.com

Why did you choose to outsource your project to an offshore company?

AA: As a start-up we had very little resource to spare. Proper Infrastructure was still not in place. In such a scenario it makes a lot of sense to outsource as much as you can.

How did you researched and contracted your outsourcing partner?

AA: We wanted to deal with a company which had operations in the same city. We were aware that the project would be handled off location, but we would have felt more comfortable if we were able to have a few face-to-face interactions with the developers during the initial phase of the project.

Further, we wanted to make sure that we are not dealing with a bunch of guys working from their homes on their laptops. We did a basic research on the internet on software companies in Kolkata and we spoke to several of them. We visited these companies.

Finally we zeroed-in on Indus Net Technologies. Their infrastructure, professionalism and portfolio assured us that they will be able to deliver. We had a very clear idea of what we wanted and we were very fussy about getting little details right. They were very flexible and patient throughout the development process and they did deliver in time exactly like we wanted.

How outsourcing benefited your business?

AA: A start-up cannot dream of having a wide talent pool in house. When your outsourcing partner is good, among other things, they bring to your table a huge amount of experience. During the initial phase of your business it makes sense to outsource as much as you can.

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Mr. James Blakemore, Director - Sector Marketing Limited

Why did you choose to outsource your project to an offshore company?

JB: In an ever increasingly vigorous international trade market we must ensure that our message is clear and that our services stand out. We chose Indus Net Technologies because we knew what we'd get in return - very favorable price comparisons and cost benefits to us and a team of highly qualified, very motivated English speaking web designers working under one roof and capable of meeting tight deadlines.

We retained full ownership of the end product but the flexibility and variety of the skills available to us meant we were able to review our project as required - empower the customer and everyone feels good.

We also liked the Indus Net commitment to their UK clients. They have a UK office in Warwickshire and contacts/sales agents on the ground to help out when required

How did you research and contract your outsourcing partner?

JB: It was a combination of word of mouth, recommendation, researching the web, comparing services and prices, visiting trade shows.

It was also important to keep an open mind and overcome any concerns about the Indus Net team being half way across the world, different time zones, or anything getting lost in translation. Thanks to their UK presence this decision became a no brainer

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