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Indus Net Technologies (Hire-a-Designer.com is an Indus Net Technologies brand) has been selected as the #1 IT SME (Small and Medium sized Enterprise) in India 2008 by Duns & Bradstreet in a glittering Award Ceremony in Mumbai on 30th September 2008.

Indus Net Technologies has also been prominently placed among the Emerging SMEs of India publication, which was unveiled on the same day.

We would like to thank our 5000+ clients who put in their trust in us (even though 90% of them have never met us) and the team which delivered and fulfilled every promise that Indus Net Technologies made.

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What we do?

Indus Net Technologies is a premier internet consulting company offering diverse tailor made solutions to help organizations around the world to leverage internet in order to gains an edge over competitors

How we do it?

We have a core management team to deliver strategy, marketing, support, sales, account management, quality control, infrastructure support and financial planning.

We have several nuclear teams which are specialized in their area of business and provide professional, high quality service and customer support. We are ISO 9001:2000 certified and currently undergoing CMMI Level 3 certification process.

Our nuclear teams are agile and customer centric. They innovate and leave no stone unturned to delight you. They are flexible as a new exciting business, and still retain the core benefit of dealing with a stable and large organization.

Precisely you get the best of both worlds!

Fast Facts
  • Established in 1997.
  • Annual Turnover is USD 3 Million.
  • Client Base of 1400 + from 38 countries.
  • Strength of 300+ engineers and designers.
  • Largest PHP programming team in India.
  • Largest Web design team in India.
  • ISO 9001:2000 certified & undergoing CMMI Level 3.
  • Registered with Duns and Bradstreet.
  • Member of World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

Our core values

Innovation @ Work
We develop new technologies, open up new markets and create best-of-breed products. We thus offer our customers solutions that allow them to work more easily, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Customers @ Ease
We extend an unfair advantage to small and medium sized businesses by giving them all the tools, infrastructure and services that are required to compete in the global marketplace.

People @ INT
Only the best work for us. We provide our staff with a first-class working environment and give them responsibility and opportunity to participate in the company's success.